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Partners, Associates & collaborators

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Lettings & management

Fortis Lettings & Management Ltd lets and manages over 1500 properties across the UK on the behalf of investors and landlords.

This is our lettings and management company of choice should our investment properties be sold with a period of guaranteed yield.


Fortis Estate Management Ltd are our designated block management company who are experienced at managing medium to large residential schemes nationally.

The company prides itself on providing a high level of service to both national and international clients.

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Fortis Developments Ltd has a vast track record of providing high yielding investment properties in both the student and residential sectors.

We work closely with Fortis Developments to share expertise and ensure our collaborative projects deliver high quality investment properties.


Beaumont Morgan are the principle contractor of choice for the Elite Property Group and Fortis Developments.

The company is highly experienced in delivering large scale residential, commercial and student projects throughout the UK.

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knight knox

Knight Knox offers an extensive range of property and services worldwide. Established in 2004, the company has sold over 4000 properties across 50 countries.

Well respected within the industry, Knight Knox has maintained an excellent reputation through our experience of full-market cycles in a fluctuating market.